Best Western | Hollywood Hills Hotel

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Originally built in the 1920s, this hotel was once an extended-stay residence for aspiring actors, famous gangsters, and prolific writers. It has since become a successful, affordable hotel that caters to both tourists and locals.

The design merges graphics and architecture to cost-effectively update the hotel’s identity, leveraging its unique urban setting and proximity to the famous Hollywood Sign.


Reframing a gritty location, two mismatched buildings, and a glamorized context has turned this hotel into a neighborhood landmark.

The 101 Cafe has been an LA institution for decades. Designed to be discovered, the addition of Minibar offers a scene out of Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles.


Completed 2011

Los Angeles, CA

Adler Family Productions, Hollywood Hills Hotel

39,350 SF Hotel Remodel

2012 Westside Urban Forum, Hospitality Citation Award
2012 SEGD Merit Award (Newsom Gonzalez)
2011 Best Western Design Champion

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