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An AIA Seattle competition asked participants to envision the nine acre Seattle Center Park 50 years in the future. In collaboration with ARUP, the proposed masterplan imagines the potential of institutional collaboration and the power of open space to strengthen visitor experience for all.

Bike and walking trails weave along swales that pick up water run-off. To the east, the Ridge - part stadium, part landscape, part building - houses indoor, neighborhood-serving recreational uses and shelters a multimodal mobility hub devised to strengthen city connections.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Landscape unifies the patchwork of cultural institutions and sports venues at the site, and anticipates use by residents and tourists alike. This reinvented natural world celebrates nature by creating an experience with roots in the past and a vision of ecological resilience. 


Competition Finalist 2012

Seattle, Washington

AIA Seattle Urban Interventions

Urban Design Concept for 9-Acre Site and Surrounding Cultural Center

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