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Electric Wheels.

Four years ago, I bought an electric bike from our neighbor, Helen’s Cycles, for the office to use. With City Hall just 2 miles down the road, it seemed faster and more sensible (that is, sustainable) than driving - and parking. Back then bikeshare was gaining popularity in our area, but docks were spread out, and there was no electric boost. Nowadays, affordable, convenient and fun dockless scooters and electric bikes are everywhere. Our office bike has been a good friend, and is retiring to a life of weekend leisure. - Hank Koning

Construction Still Lifes.

A phenomenon within architecture that I am very interested in is the dance that occurs between light and shadow, and how that performance enhances how one experiences a space.  The architects whose work I admire the most are masters at choreographing the performance between light and shadow; Louis Kahn, Le Corbusier, Luis Barragan and Tadao Ando to name a few. Even within the mess and chaos on a typical construction job site, I find these unintentional dances as I do my weekly site walks at The Arroyo, and I photograph these moments that only exist temporarily as the building is being constructed. - Ben Hidalgo

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Silent Expression.

I really enjoy painting at home during the weekend, with light music on and a cup of coffee while the light pours in through my big window. The color and texture are so beautiful. It makes me feel peaceful, and feel part of the bigger world. To me, painting and architecture are both forms of expression, where you tell people your mind without speaking. Thinking this way, painting has helped challenge and further my architectural representation skills. - Yuelin Yu


Rooster Banner.

Every few years we design a banner to shield the west side of our office from the low winter sun. Our most popular (non-political) banner was this one from 2012. Inspired by an exhibit of John Baldessari’s work featuring the painting Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell, we thought we would follow his tips and see where they took us. Guided by tip #2 “subjects that sell well: …landscapes,” and tip #3: “… paintings with roosters sell…,” the pastoral scene shaded us through the winter and provided a thematic backdrop for the nearby community garden.

Growing Up.

A shared value of ‘playing in the dirt’ has led to a long-standing partnership between KoningEizenberg parents and Hill & Dale Daycare - a local early education provider. My son, Wesley, has learned to tend the garden and direct ‘work trucks’ in between attending firm-wide family BBQs. - Troy Fosler

Old is New.

What has always appealed to me in KoningEizenberg’s approach to design is that the answer may not always be what is the newest, slickest, emerging idea, but more often a “back of house,” raw approach. The firm has a way of elevating or rethinking materials and methods usually reserved for behind the scenes. For Geffen Academy at UCLA, I enjoyed contributing to this balance of “finished” and rawness. Defining where the school needs to be a streamlined teaching instrument, but also knowing where “rawness” contributes as an everyday teaching tool, reveals how the building comes together for its users.
- Greg Cheng



One of my favorite things is bringing people together. My first Thanksgiving in Los Angeles, nearly a decade ago, consisted of just a handful of friends, all recent LA transplants. Over the years, our tradition of coming together has turned into a major event, hosting over 30 people every year. My roommate and I make a great team because of our respective backgrounds in film and architecture; we both understand not only how to juggle multiple working parts but also how important pre-planning is. - Bridgette Marso