Waterloo Heights Apartments

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Design of these homes for disabled veterans, seniors, and individuals with HIV or AIDS emerged through a series of community meetings with neighbors concerned about density, traffic, and the integrity of their historic neighborhood’s heritage. The resulting site plan took advantage of the sloping lot to minimize bulk and transition to the surrounding neighborhood.

A central courtyard provides the hub for social interaction, reinforced by perimeter placement of the community and laundry rooms. The office and many front doors also open off this courtyard, providing informal security for the adjacent front gate and further increasing opportunity for chance encounters.


Completed 2002

Los Angeles, California

Hollywood Community Housing Corporation

18 Units: 11 One Bedrooms and 7 Studios, 9,800 SF

2006  AIA | HUD Alan J. Rothman Award
2003  Residential Architect Design Award Grand Prize
2003  LA Business Council Architectural Award
2002  SCANPH Project of the Year