See-Through House

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A barn-shaped roof emerged from tracing the maximum permitted planning envelope, producing a chance rural reference that fits both the family’s background and interest in the informal, modest and communal.

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Sliding screens allow for modifiable privacy and sun control throughout the day. When open, social space flows continuously from front yard to back through the house.

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Skylights above the pegboard-clad stairwell supplement daylighting. Upstairs, a communal bathroom for the three children has a vanity area open to the lounge, a deliberate choice to encourage sharing.

Second Floor

Second Floor

Ground Floor


A Quaker bonnet, seen in an old family portrait, inspired the shaping of the guesthouse roof, which backdrops the series of indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Completed 2015

Santa Monica, California

3,100 SF Single Family Home

2016  AIA Los Angeles Residential Architecture Award
2015  AIA California Council Honor Award