500 Broadway

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This mixed-use apartment, located two blocks from the new Santa Monica Expo Line terminus, configures neighborhood serving retail space along the street to encourage active pedestrian use with widened sidewalks, outdoor seating and bicycle parking.

Cross-grain massing and linear approach to public space challenged local guidelines that favored internal courtyards and discreet public open spaces. Planning guidelines were updated in response: now, 500 Broadway is used as a model for good development.

Two hundred and fifty units varying in size flank upper level courtyards to create nested communities. South and west facing apartments have movable screens that provide personalized control of sun and privacy and contribute to achieving LEED Platinum goals.


In Construction; Projected Completion 2021

Santa Monica, California

250 Units, 265,000 SF Residential, 65,000 SF Retail/Restaurant

2014  Westside Urban Forum Design Award
2014  World Architecture Festival Shortlist, Future Projects